Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Presence of Loved Ones Lost

However you celebrate/observe today and the next few days, I'd suggest spending some time with the presence of loved ones lost that remain within us. The love is still there and will outlast grief, loss, and any recriminations. For agape (loving-kindness) is a recognition, which cannot be denied, that we are deeply connected, an anamnesis (end of forgetting) that the appearances of distances and differences that separate us are a thin coating upon a deeper root. Like a growth of aspen trees, we are all connected in ways that cannot be seen.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

All Saints Day

 Blessings on All Holy Ones / All Saints Day. The observance of All Saint's Day was established with the holy ones among the dead in mind, whether known or unknown, recognized or unrecognized. The notion of what a "saint" is has changed over the centuries. The word "saint" is the English language borrowing of the Latin word "sanctus," meaning "holy." In the Hebrew bible and the LXX, the Greek translation used by early Christians, the children of Israel are to be told that they shall become a holy people (laity) (Exd 19:6).

In the Ecclesia Gnostica, we officially use "the Holy" rather than "Saint" much of the time, for example, "the day of the Holy Thomas." That usage helps in seeing 'Saint'/'Holy' as an attribute, the apprehension of a distinct spiritual difference, rather than a title/role recognized by an institution according to its rules. That expansive view leading us to consider holy ones from other traditions and examples living examples of holiness and the long work of transformation and sacrifice required.