Monday, January 30, 2006

In Memory of June Singer

June Singer
Gnostic, Mystic, & Guide of Souls,
1920 - Jan 29, 2004

'The Symbol is the slender thread that reaches from our world to the Infinite'

I was fortunate to encounter the works of Jung and others in the field of depth psychology in my late teens. Without experience of what Jung is describing, he is often very difficult to follow. So, I turned to the works of his students for my education, which included Boundaries of the Soul. After a few years, the notion of the integration of what is excluded in our gender identity of either the feminine or the masculine became an important concern. There are many takes on what it is really, and on how much integration is possible. At that time, I was blessed to find June Singer's classic Androgyny, and it would just be stating fact to say that her approach changed my life.

Dr. Singer's work is an immense legacy. Her book on William Blake is phenomenal. Before Dr. Singer retired to the Chicago area, she was a participant in Rt. Rev. Rosamonde Miller's Ecclesia Gnostica Mysteriorum. And in her final works, she focused her attention on Gnosticism, giving us: Seeing Through the Visible World, and A Gnostic Book of Hours.

With deep gratitude, we remember our sister in Gnosis.


Terje said...

June Singer's transition was a loss to the Gnostic community and a gain to the Pleroma. I was thoroughly impressed by her books, and have been reading them on and off for the last fifteen years.

Anonymous said...


Ms Singer's 'Gnostic Book of Hours' is the 'official' breviary of the AJC also. Rest in Peace.

I also received my Gnostic Calendar yesterday and it is excellent - thank you taking care of the add'l shipping charged, I didn't even notice.

Msgr Ken+