Sunday, February 19, 2006

Audio Homily Experiment

I finally recorded a homily on my limited equipment that is at least audible. I will be posting the text version, but there are always large differences between the two.

Sexagesima Sunday Homily in MP3 format.

I'm wondering how well it translates into stand-alone audio. This is a good example to test, as it is fairly unfocused due to illness. Let me know.


jp said...

say, what audio recording equipment did you use?

it does sound kind of scratchy, like you're on an old phonograph record.

Rev. Troy said...

A many-times-dropped years-old little mp3 player, using the built-in mic. That's what I have for a portable set-up.

If the content warrants it, I can get a decent microphone which should eliminate the weird cyclical noise you're talking about.