Sunday, August 27, 2006

Interview by Gnostic Journalist Derick Varn

The interview that I did with Derick Varn is now available at The Green Triangle. It was begun right after Holy Week (hence the feeling like I had aged a decade comment).

An Interview with Fr. Troy Pierce by C. Derick Varn.


Derick Varn said...

Sorry it took so long. We had a ton of design problems getting the site up.

Rev. Troy said...

I know how that goes. I just thought I had better explain my attempt at humor.

Sir Francis said...

"When you have Gnosis you realize how little you really do know. ..."

If I have it right what you mean by this it's very resonant with my first (I hope not the last) clear Gnosis experience: Before Gnosis I realized I knew little or nothing about how the seen and unseen universes "work" and this always troubled me greatly.

After Gnosis I still don't know (as you say "episteme") much about anything *but now I'm no longer even a little bit bothered by that.* I will continue to listen, read, learn, but I'm sure there are things that I will never know in this life -- and perhaps can't be known -- and now I'm OK with that. (If it need be said, I consider what I received to be the greatest gift ever given me, who- or whatever the giver is.)