Saturday, September 23, 2006

Encyclopedia Gnostica

The open wiki format for online resources has major issues, beginning with the reliability of the information. Even if it has taken form with the intended group considerations, anyone can veto those considerations and change the information for their own ends. That is to say that the Wikipedia format assumes that those involved intend for the end result to be an encyclopedia. When any individual or, as is happening more often, program can veto the purpose of the site itself, the situation is like that of a leaking ship. Either more and more bailing is required as more holes are put in the hull, or one can patch the hull.

After many disappointments with Wikipedia, and the endless spam attacks at the effort at the PTG, the need for something else has been apparent. The Gnosis Institute will be offering the Encyclopedia Gnostica, an encyclopedia in wiki format that isn't open to the world to modify, but is an open and growing resource. There aren't many entries at the moment, it will take work to write and reference the articles. It is a beginning.


mark said...

I don't claim to be a genius but if there's anything I can do to help out I'd be happy to.

Rev. Troy said...

Writing encyclopedia entries is a duty I'm willing to share. ;)

I had a philosophy professor who basically graded all papers as if they were encyclopedia entries--or at least that was the strategy I used to get A's--and, I can still fall into that pattern.

My criteria are that entries follow standards and styles of professional encyclopedia entries, and be referenced. Kidding aside, writing entries can be a very useful educational and writing exercise

Hoomer said...

Hi, I have an accademic Gnostic glossary online written by Sethian Bishop Tom Saunders

--Br Benjamin Assisi