Saturday, September 01, 2007


After returning from the Shakespearean festival, I ended up being adopted by a cat. He and I were somewhat acquainted when he lived with a young couple next door. He used to prefer our back yard, and make his way to and fro through a gap in the front yard.

Some weeks back I noticed him hanging around some of the time, long after the couple had moved. When I let him inside, he was quite skinny, showing his ribs through his coat. For some reason this reminded me of the poster-child for why you don't want to be a saint, saint Sebastian, who is always portrayed as a skinny archery target. Thinking of the cat-goddess Bast, cinched the deal.

Sebastian is not afraid to say whatever is on his mind, and is a friendly cat, wanting to meet everyone who visits.


Andrea (Door Keeper) said...

Sebastian is looking very healthy and happy at his new home with you. We also adopted another cat, which I put on one of my blogs. I read his paperwork finally last night and found out he had been taken away from Animal Cruelty back in Idaho. Since we're his fourth home in three years, he's a little skeptical on bonding. I can't blame him.

One thing I've noticed in most Gnostics is we all seem to have a love for animals.

In Serenity and Joy

Marsha+ said...

What a cute cat. I love cats, If not for my husband I would end up being the 'crazy cat lady'.


Anonymous said...

Damn gnostics... bunch of cat-worshippers the lot of 'em ;-)