Monday, March 23, 2009

New T-shirt and such Designs Available

My Gallery
Zazzle is less expensive and gives more options per design than CafePress. Though I haven't ordered from them yet.

Here are the CafePress links:

Holy Thomas Gift Shop
PriestCraft: Gifts for Clergy


Lent Man said...

Can you explain the thought process behind this? I assume it is to make the statement that one should take himself too seriously and maintain a sense of humor about the process of achieving gnosis. But should not some things remain sacred and dignified?

Troy W. Pierce said...

Ah, Lent Man, I'm pleased to meet the first superhero to harness the awesome power of Lent! ;)

I am confused. Perhaps you can specify which designs are sacrilegious or destructive of dignity? Even on re-examination with your comments in mind I can find nothing but gentle self-referential humor. As far as I can determine, there are no designs that mock others or mock anything sacred. Each is free to simply not wear them. The utility of a t-shirt is very limited in our line in any case.

If you mean the entire notion of having humorous designs available for purchase through a third party source, I would again need to know how that is sacrilegious or destructive of dignity.

Perhaps the real issue comes down to why we wear the collar and other signs of being clergy. I see it as an indication that I am available to be of service for certain needs. In a world where religion is more and more a target of fear or derision, having a sense of humor breaks down more barriers separating us than anything else.

And, if nothing else, laughter is the greatest weapon we have against the powers of the world that would enslave us.

Lent Man said...

Sorry. Email always comes off sounding more hostile than intended. In fact I meant no hostility at all and I apologize if that was the vibe. I was just interested in what your thoughts were behind this because it's somewhat religiously "unique" I suppose. I really enjoy your blog and podcasts BTW.

Didymus Thomas said...

Hi Fr. Troy,
The shirts look great. I noticed that one of them though has priest misspelled. I was not sure if you noticed or not, so wanted to let you know. Peace be with you!

Troy W. Pierce said...

DT: Oy. Thanks for the heads up.

LM: No worries. You are still my favorite Lenten super hero.

Lent Man said...

Lent Man thanks you and suggests you check out his blog at