Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GnosCast: the Gnostic Podcast #8 - the Emergence of Gnosticism

The first part of the Gnosticism Then and Now lecture from March 6th has been added to the GnosCast podcast feed as episode 8. It focuses on the three major traditions from which Gnosticism emerges: the Mystery traditions, Philosophical practice, and Jewish Mysticism. Unfortunately, the battery in the digital recorder failed after this part, so, it is only the first two-fifths of the talk.

The next part of the lecture was an overview of Gnostic teachers and developments after Jesus. And that was followed by what connects them all together--Gnosis. (It seems actually possible to get across what Gnosis is in the tradition that way.) I finished with a quick overview of modern history, but that was a preface to even more content that there wasn't time for.

I think I'll follow a suggestion of giving, and recording, a series of lectures covering the same ground in more detail. And also including the aspects of modern science I didn't even touch upon.

Let me know your reactions.

Direct link to the mp3 file


Andrew in UK said...

A very interesting and informative listen. I enjoyed it very much. Would it be possible to record the remainder of the talk for a future edition of the podcast?

Anonymous said...

Hello Rev. Troy
I really enjoy the work you are doing here.I have always felt A disconnected from Orthodox Christianity,but knew there was A different path.That is when I learned about Gnosticism.I'm still relatively new to its teachings and knowledge,but wanted to say thanks.