Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupyers of the USA

Don’t let the impatience of the media mouths, or the jeers of their hollow echoes, make you feel somehow inadequate for not having “specific demands” or policies. This isn’t about politics or policies, this is about sovereignty. The sovereignty that backs the legitimacy of the Constitution of the United States the document from which all legitimacy of our federal government derives is We the People.


Dr. Marsha Garr said...

Is it the Media or the US that is an Archon in this situation?


Fr. Troy Pierce said...

Archons are just the powers, in stories they are figures behaving in the mindless way we usually expect. In general patterns, archons are powers in the sense of the powers-that-be, and in the sense of operating by bullying, not intelligence. So, if the hermeneutic doesn't help, we don't have to use it. However, if we are talking about humans, then it usually applies.

There are many powers with a sense of entitlement and a history of getting what they want. But the only legitimate power lies in the sovereign part of this sovereign nation. And, that is what makes the powers-that-be nervous.