Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Gnostic Shop

The Gift Shop of the Holy Gnosis of Thomas Chapel is expanding! It will be transitioning away from the product limitations and higher base price of CafePress (although that shop will probably remain open in a limited capacity).

You can help build a Gnostic Chapel not only through purchases, but through suggestions on items you would like to see made available.

Currently available: Gnovena Candles Gnostic devotional or novena candles, and The Gnostic Calendar.

In my usual tongue-firmly-in-cheek fashion, I have nick-named it “The Shop of Light” and taken as its mascot the Manichean Ship of Light.

Visit the Gnostic Shop

Edit: link issue now fixed, they should no longer take you to a CafePress Store.

1 comment:

Kylark said...

I ordered the candle with the Serpentine Path graphic on it. I love that image.

You should have something people can click on so they can see what the candles say on the back.