Thursday, March 23, 2006

Elaine Pagels in SLC

I've had the opportunity to hear Prof. Pagels speak on a few occasions. She is an excellent speaker, in presentation, and of course, in content.

She did an interview on a local public radio show, which is one of our local gems: Radio West with Doug Fabrizio. Doug is a truly gifted interviewer, and although there is some focus on local topics it is a podcast that you will want to consider. Here's the link to the Elaine Pagels interview.

She gave a lecture tonight that I was able to attend (most of). Afterwards I presented her with a Gnostic Calendar, and she seemed tickled that she was in it. I included a few Gnostic refrigerator magnets, and she particularly liked the “Mind the Gap” variation.

Sure, it wasn't much, but giving anything back to people like Prof. Pagels is a joy. I had a warm fuzzy feeling inside, like I'd swallowed a burning fur-ball... but good.

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jp said...

wow, neat!

to anyone's knowledge, has ms. pagels ever given her opinion on the modern gnostic revival as a religious phenomenon? i know her view on the subject is that gnosticism has some great ideas that canonical christianity could really benefit from, but i don't think i've ever come across any statement from ms. pagels about the revival itself, to which she contributed greatly . . . .