Friday, May 26, 2006

The Path to Maturity

“Personal maturity” is not simply a matter of knowing and being able to do certain things, and not just a question of ethical stability. It means being remade by the Absolute. People who are mature in this sense do not have more than others and cannot do more than others, but are more than people who have not attained maturity. The kind of maturity we mean leaves them free, not simply to make their own decisions on worldly matters, but also to witness to their own true nature, and to the transcendent order woven into it. They can not only do what they want (because maturity makes them wans the licit only), but can be what they fundamentally are—what God and their own true nature make them, what they themselves aspire to be and what they are meant to be. This being permitted to be what one really is—a real human being and the very specific human being that one's own true nature intends and destines one to be—is the central issue of our age.

Karkfried Graf Durckheim,
Absolute Living:
The Otherworldly in the World
and the Path to Maturity
NewYork, 1968 , (p 4-5)

The Path to Gnosis and the Path to Maturity cannot be separated.

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