Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Vision for the Parish

This is a first attempt to articulate this.

Contact: One on one conscious connections where experiences are taken seriously within the context of the spiritual path. Grounded spiritual listening. Chaplaincy model.

Contexts: Gnosticism. Religion. Philosophy. Psychology. Mythology. Symbolism. Multiple perspectives. Educational programs and opportunities. Formation programs. Developing and articulating a growing understanding.

Community: A church of friends where each brings themselves into community, and shares their insight and knowledge. Supportive of your journey. Honest. We are all in this together. No membership, just friendship.

Communion: A church where you do not have to leave a part of yourself at the door. Solemn Ritual. Uniting in ritual. Uniting with the divine. Becoming (better) mystics. Honoring of the divine within each of us.

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Andrea said...

This is a clear, consise and well balanced vision for the parish. I appreciate not having to leave part of ourselves at the door. Acceptance is very important. Great vision!

Andrea from Hagia Sophia Seattle, WA