Friday, July 14, 2006

The Dimness of Crowds

Am I the only one who is hooked on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Podcasts? They have a regular radio show on philosophy, and the only more fun thing to listen to than a discussion of philosophy, is a discussion of philosophy in Australian accents. ;)

Of interest to many involved on-line, may be the latest episode of The Philosopher's Zone, as it examines, in particular, Wikipedia. It addresses the main issues, and in a fun way. Give it an ear, if you are so inclined.


John said...

Ha Ha Found out - It is probably Radio National to which you are listening. It is the only station that I can handle on a regular basis. My personal likes are the Religion Report and Encounter - and it's all ad free - but as an Aussie I'm prbably a little bit biased.

Rev. Troy said...

Yes, it does say ABC Radio National.

The Religion Report is another I listen to regularly. I'll have to see if Encounter is available as a Podcast.

I'm with you. The only broadcast radio I listen to is the nearest US equivalent, National Public Radio. I stopped being able to listen to radio with ads years ago. :)