Sunday, October 29, 2006

The 2007 Gnostic Calendar Coming Soon

The 2007 Gnostic Calendar will be available for ordering in November.


Marsha+ said...

Can we pre-order? How much will they be? Will you make the pocket one as well?
Can you tel that I am just a tad excited?

Rev. Marsha +

Anonymous said...

Looks good! I missed the 2006 edition, but am definitely going to order one for 2007 :D


Jordan Stratford+ said...

Would it help if I pre-pay now? I'd like to buy one for the church here and buy one for you to keep there for donation, just to help offset costs (I know how generous you are with those things).

This is an incredibly worthwhile project and I encourage everyone to get one! The liturgical calendar of the greater Ekklesia is what glues us together as One Holy Gnostic Church. Thank you Father Troy!

Jeremy said...

Excellent, Troy! I would also like to buy multiple copies, so keep us in the loop!

I'd also like to feature the calendars prominently on the PTG homepage-- I'm sure our members would love to have them.

Rev. Troy said...


I will be setting up pre-ordering in a short while. I need to juggle around a minor surgery in Nov.

After giving a Calendar to Elaine Pagels, I thought it would be great to be able to send one to some of the folks listed in it that have given us so much. I'll remember to set up a way to donate towards that.

I plan on making a limited number of pocket calendars later on. It isn't a huge priority, as it was only with the wall calendars that people said “I already have one” last year. And, I think they are mostly of use to clergy. Even though they are more expensive, I think people will be much happier with the wall calendar if they only buy one. The art and the printing quality are much higher, and there is much more content. Additionally, this year's art is head-and-shoulders above last year's.

I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for putting this together again.

Last year's calendar was an incredibly usefful tool.

We're already pushing it on our site as well.

Marsha+ said...


I will pray for you durring you surgery and recovery process. Let us all know if you need anything. We look fowrad to your speedy recovery.

Jordan Stratford+ said...

When's surgery, Troy+? I shall light a candle for your quick bounce-back.