Saturday, October 07, 2006

Your Scholarship Can Win Cash & Prize Award

Remember, Remember
The Fifth of November...

One of the ways the Gnosis Institute will be encouraging scholarly work in the field, and work on Institute projects, is through Awards that include actual money. As we only have two basic memberships to work with, the amounts will be small to begin with, but I'm throwing in a special award version of the 2007 Gnostic Wall Calendar.

So, brush off those papers, or polish them up, or write a new one! The criteria are that the work has to meet the standards of scholarship: use and note references, track assumptions, be explicit about arguments, etc. It also has to fit into one of the project areas of the Gnosis Institute, of which there are many. If you have a question on that, just ask.

The award for best submission for October will win $50 and an award version of the 2007 Gnostic Wall Calendar. As the Institute grows, the wider variety of awards that are listed at the site (and more) will be granted, and the amounts will be increased.

The contest will be void if there are fewer than two entries that are considered to be up to standards. In that case, the contest will be extended for another month. The award will be made by vote of all Gnosis Institute Community members. Submission for publication to the Gnosis Institute grants the Institute perpetual rights to publish the work electronically without consideration or remuneration, and, in print for a standard post-sales percentage as set by the board of directors.


Anonymous said...

I'm considering this, but can't guarantee anything. That calendar is tempting me though...


Rev. Troy said...

The bigger picture is to get the Gnosis Institute up and running; and to get serious feedback on your work, and to get your work published in a scholarly setting.

Today you can publish your own work online to no end. But I think the usefulness of that is rather limited. For us to grow, and the work to grow, we need to take it seriously. Supporting work through awards is a part of that. It is a way to recognize scholarly work, begin putting energy towards the creation of scholarly work, and recognize those who would be capable Fellows.

But, it was intended to be temping as well. ;)