Saturday, May 15, 2010

GnosCast: the Gnostic Podcast # 10: Gnosis Further Considered

The second of a series on advanced essentials of Gnosticism (as opposed to basics). Further considerations on the nature of gnosis and implications for understanding and practice. Topics include: Mistaken notions of self (rational and self-controlling), irreducible nature of gnosis, gnosis in Platonic Forms, recognition of objects and concepts, gnosis of gnoses or epignosis/metagnosis as Gnosis, example of the good art critic, Gnosis as transformation, Gnosis as developmental process, Gnosis as shape of reality, misrecognition, self-gnosis of embodiment.

Health-wise I was worse off while recording this than while recording the previous week.

Presented at the Holy Gnosis of Thomas Chapel in Salt Lake City, 9 May 2010.
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The science fiction story mentioned is "They're made out of meat" by Terry Bisson.

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