Thursday, May 20, 2010

GnosCast: the Gnostic Podcast # 11: "You Are Here" part 1 - Embodiment

My segmented and somewhat fragmentary "last lecture" continues with a users guide to Gnosis. First part is a "You are Here" in a body. Evolution and its effects, towards an evolved self-gnosis.

The Description:

Continuing a series on essentials of Gnosticism. A users guide to Gnosis beginning with an overview in the form of "you are here."

Topics include: Perspectives on religion without Gnosis, tripartite division of the human and individual orientation, our evolved nature, evolution's aims and the suffering that causes, evolved capabilities, evolved mechanisms for cooperation, modeling others and self, ego, identity, self-deception, freedom through awareness, gnosis and logos, limits of knowledge, steadfast pursuit of Gnosis, religion as social control or developmental system, progressing to uncertainty, not knowing.

Presentation with discussion in the Holy Gnosis of Thomas Chapel in Salt Lake City, 16 May 2010, by Gnostic priest and scholar Troy Pierce.

Direct Link for the non-podcastically inclined.

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