Saturday, April 22, 2006

Need some feedback

I figured since I'll probably never stop hearing about it, I just as well try to shape the conversation to the interesting aspect.


Roger Kuhrt, PhD said...

YES! What an apt project. will you make copies of the "lectures" available to those of us who have inquiring minds and don't live in SLC?

If so, let me know how to receive them. You can email me at:

Cheerfully, ROK

Rev. Troy said...


The plan is to record them and make them available as part of the GnosCast podcast.

So, don't be shy with feedback wherever you may be.


mark T. said...

Rev Troy,
I came across the site for the Holy Gnosis of Thomas Chapel and was hoping to attend your service this past Sunday but was unable to locate your chapel. I used the maps on your site and the only building I could find was a tongan protestant church where I presumed your location to be. Anyway I would like to check your your service if and all possible.
~Mark T.

Rev. Troy said...

Greetings, Mark

Sorry you had a fruitless search.

Our current space is in a domus ecclesia (house chapel). Please contact me for directions and address.

See the Chapel Info Page