Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Very Ill

The good part about wearing yourself out through the liturgical marathon of Holy Week is the reduced immune system! Finishing the Chapel space (nearly) and collecting/making all of the required items, while preparing for and celebrating all of the various services, was a LOT of work. It was worth it, and every bit of help by the few folks who where able to do so, and the participation of those who where able to attend is greatly appreciated. Gnostic priesthood isn't for the particularly sane, or those interested in long term survival, for that matter.

A piece of advice from the other side of the altar to those of you who where able to attend Holy Week services of any form or extent in the greater Gnostic community: Thank those who provided the services, help them out with some extra donations to defray some of the extra cost, and don't expect too much from them for a couple of weeks. (You may also need to take them some chicken soup.)

My sincere apologies to and deep gratitude for the patience of those who placed orders while I have been completely submerged, as well as, ill and injured. There will be extras as a thank you, in all the orders that were delayed, or an immediate refund if it has been too long. Thanks in either case for ordering.

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Marsha+ said...

Hi Troy,

I feel your pain! I was very ill for almost three weeks upto and including Easter Sunday. I am not sure how I made it thru all those services. Take care of yourself and when you get better you'll be back at it again!
Love ya
Rev Marsha