Friday, December 30, 2005

The Gnostic Calendar

After months of research, graphic design, and hard work—it's here! The first Calendar specifically for Gnostics! The calendar features the Liturgical Calendar of the Ecclesia Gnostica: the Sundays and Holy days/holidays as observed by the EG and most Gnostic churches; with the liturgical color of the day in the upper right hand corner.

The wall calendar features many additional dates of interest. It is an introductory outline, in calendar form, to different threads in the Gnostic Tradition. Also included are many unofficial Gnostic holidays, historical days of note, secular holidays of the US & Canada, humorous/fun holidays, Tibetan Buddhist holidays, solar holidays, full and new moons, and yes, more. It includes quotes from many of those listed. Facing pages feature original art on Gnostic themes by a Gnostic Priest, and quotes from Gnostic Scriptures.

The pocket calendar comes in a high quality clear checkbook cover, features the Liturgical calendar, a few unofficial Gnostic holidays, secular holidays, solar holidays, and full/new moons. Additionally, there are aids to help Gnostic clergy keep their parish running smoothly, such as, lists of reminders for Holy Week services.

Wall Calendar price: $18 per wall calendar not including shipping. $20 with individual shipping in the US & $21.50 to Canada. $19 + actual shipping cost to anywhere else. About what you'd pay for any non-generic calendar at a retail outlet.

Pocket Calendar price: $8.00 per pocket calendar not including shipping. $9.00 with individual shipping in the US & $9.50 to Canada. $8.50 + actual shipping cost to anywhere else. The "Liturgical Pocket Secretary," which comes in Roman Catholic or Episcopalian editions costs $6.50, requires extensive editing, and has very small print. The Gnostic Pocket Calendar features a different layout, easy to read print, and blank space for additional notes or appointments.

Send orders to:
Rev. Troy Pierce
PO Box 25835
SLC, UT 84125-0835

Make check or money order payable to: "Rev. Troy Pierce"
(Online ordering is available at

Please note: prices are in US dollars. There will be no "mark down" prices on the Gnostic Calendar as there are with other calendars.


Kylark said...

Ooh! I want one. Will send an order tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

As soon as online ordering is available, I want one also! Looks great!

Rev Ken+, AJC

jp said...

Beautiful! I'm also holding out for online ordering, but I'll be ordering a few . . . .

sparkwidget said...


Might I kindly request some scanned shots of the calendar? I'm hearing good things, and want to know for sure if I should break the piggy bank.