Thursday, December 22, 2005

Pierce's Law

The only way to avoid misunderstanding is to avoid understanding.

Now that's funny. Not the contents (well, not necessarily, at least), but the presentation. I often speak of the ego-body complex as one thing, and compare those egotistical moments to breaking wind. It is best to do both in private, but we all do them in public occasionally.

Personally, I find my egotistical tendencies to be an inexhaustible source of amusement, and so I thought I'd share and present this little nugget in the form of “Pierce's Law.” After all, I entered university to become a theoretical physicist (how's that for egotism?), and always wanted my own law (dito).

Now I feel like St. Francis after he had built his “family” out of snow: cold... no, I mean um... cold and silly.

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