Wednesday, June 14, 2006

GnosCast: The Gnostic Podcast - # 1

GnosCast: The Gnostic Podcast

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Well, finally, the first episode of GnosCast: The Gnostic Podcast is available. I take comfort from the truism that your first episode is your worst episode, and you probably will as well.

This will be the main content podcast, and will include longer addresses on various topics related to Gnosticism, philosophy, and spirituality. In the future, it will include actual lectures to audiences, instead of just me trying to figure out what to say to a microphone. In addition, more conversational elements will be included.

Producing a podcast of this length as part of a larger project was a lot more work than I anticipated. And there are odd issues, such as a lower sound quality. But, doing something and going forward are necessary for anything to happen. I hope it is of some value.

By way of advertising: I trace the origins of modern relativism, look at the history of equating beliefs with religion, and give anyone who wants it plenty of ammunition to use against me. All for free! How can you loose (more than an hour of your time you can spend commuting, or doing household chores anyway)?


  • (On a) High Horse:
        Rev. Troy briefly introduces himself. (yawn)

  • Everybody Knows:
        Being a Gnostic entails not-knowing

  • Building a(n Understanding of) Religion:
        Religion and Sanity.

  • Real Spirituality:
        Where you are on your path.


Padre G said...

Good work!

Couple questions:

What's the music playing at the intro?
What setup are you using [mic, card, software]? Wondering what we could do to raise the fidelity, 'though for a podcast it's not too bad, even for an uber-tweak like me...

Rev. Troy said...


"Anthem" by Leonard Cohen. I use a clip from his "Everybody Knows" as well.

Unfortunately, I have a old Dell computer that is as loud as an airplane in flight. After trying a noise-canceling mic to much distress, I switched to a little Olympic digital voice recorder, so I could get away from it. (And also be able to record homilies.)

The software I use is Audacity, an open-source gem despite its limitations.

Marsha+ said...

I just down loaded it. But do to time restrictions I will have to listen to it on my way to wrok tomorow. I look forward to it.

Anonymous said...

thakyou for this podcast. I found it interesting and informative and above all a boost in gnostic thought and spirituality. You have reminded me of the begining and a continual becoming/begining.
F. Baughman