Friday, June 16, 2006

The Gnosis Institute: Proposed Projects


     Psychological Maturity & Spiritual Development
     Pastoral Care
          Ministry Research

Educational Resources Development:
     Resources for individual use
     Resources for group use
     Curriculum/Program Development
     Distance Learning

Scholarly Research:

     Contemporary Gnosticism
     Anti-Gnostic Polemics
     Memes & Memeplexes
     Historical Gnostic Studies
     Comparative Spirituality

          Information Resources
          Educational Resources
          Spiritual Formation Resources
          Community Participation

          Sharing Resources
          Building Relationships
          Common Projects
          Promotion of Gnostic Studies


     Spiritual Formation
     Clergy/Ministry Formation
     Resources for individual spiritual growth
     Resources to aid those engaged in Gnostic ministry


Padre G said...

Curious, are you soliciting contributions to this effort?

IF so count me in ;)

+ Mar Iohannes, Ep.Gn. said...

A weighty but admirable task if I ever saw one.

I noticed that you have clergy training and formation in your list. Exactly how would this function, who would it function for (ie: EG, indie etc) and how / by whom would they be ordained? Or would this be as a supplement to existing programs and organizations?

Rev. Troy said...

Yes, I'm just trying to make a place for this to happen and get it started. That's crazy enough. I'm not going to try to do it all myself. ;)

As far as programs for the formation of clergy go, it will be following the perspective in the Higher Education FAQ. In brief, it will be offering a part of the preparation, a particularly Gnostic oriented preparation. Like any other ecumenical divinity or seminary program, no ordination comes from the program. We may hand out certificates, diplomas, and eventually degrees—but no holy orders.

Someone seeking ordination would need to also go through formation within a church. That allows churches to focus on non-academic aspects and on aspects specific to their tradition. I think that will be of service to most churches.

+ Mar Iohannes, Ep.Gn. said...

Thank you for the answer.