Thursday, June 08, 2006

Where Have All the Candles Gone?

The Gnovena candles that I produced for a time are no longer available. When your income is at a below-survival level, you just can't afford to work hard and loose money. I have had to cut my losses. If you ordered candles at the $6.00 rate without additional shipping in large quantity, then I may have come close to breaking even on your orders. If you ordered only one or two, the candles were essentially a gift. I tried adding additional shipping costs to try to help cover the extraordinary cost of shipping the candles, but even then the cost of packaging them to prevent breakage, or replacing breakage, means that I have been paying to do this.

Even if I were breaking even or making a few dollars for the chapel fund, it is a great deal of work for very little return. The design, manufacture, packaging, and shipping are performed by myself, and if all went well, it would have meant about $2.00 per candle for the chapel fund. This is not only working multiple times for the same dollar, but does not factor in lost opportunity costs—not doing things that may be of service and support this ministry at the same time.

I will be taking a break from producing products until the 2007 Gnostic Wall Calendar is available. And then, will focus on products that don't involve shipping heavy or breakable items. One of the things I hope to offer is a new edition of The Mystery and Magic of the Eucharist by Stephan Hoeller, and other small publications that are very difficult to find.

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Marsha+ said...

Well I for one will miss getting mroe. I can't blame you for not doing them any more though. They were WAY under priced. You could easily get 10 to 12 each for them. And your shipping was too cheep. It is no wonder you are breaking even. I am certain that you could ask for more and would get it with no problem.

If you would like, you could send me the art printed out. I can purchase the white candles and put the image on the candle and offer them to the EG folks up here at 10 each and send you the checks.
No shipping involved and you don't even have to buy candles!

Now I am not sure how many will sell before the handful of people we have up here have got one of each adn don't want anymore, but it is allmost pure profit for you to put towards the church. It should at least buy a couple boxes of 51% bees wax short 4s.