Thursday, June 08, 2006

Listen to GnosCast? Anyone? Anyone at all?

I am almost done producing a more standard format podcast, and there has been an absence of feed-back either directly to myself, or in the form of reviews at the various podcast directories, for the two podcasts that have been available for months now. I'd assume no one is listening, but people are at least downloading the mp3s, so it does at least seem possible.

Whether you think they are a waste of bandwidth or not, they are all that is out there in podcast land next to various idiosemantic versions of Gnostics. Reviews make a big difference in how high they show up in listings, and whether they show up or not.

They are also offered as a service, and if they are not serving, I can accomplish other things with that time and effort. I really don't like the sound of my own voice all that much. Let me know, or let the directories know. If only one, the latter; if possible, both.


Marsha+ said...

Hi Troy,

Your voice is fine. I don't think very many of us are used to hearing our own recorded voice.

Anonymous said...

I listen in - don't stop

Catherine said...

I have been listening from the UK where there are no Gnostic churches. The Gnoscast is a way for exiled Gnostics to finally feel part of a living Gnostic tradition and a global Gnostic community.

Padre G said...

Keep it up bro!

You're far ahead of the curve. From what I've seen with the folks I work with, there's an exponential growth/response rate with 'emerging technologies'...

Shawn™ said...

I first ran across you on Father Jordan Stratford's site and have regularly reading your site as well. I love your podcasts, talk about being using technology!

I live in Vancouver, Canada and there are no Gnostic organizations here yet, though I hope to help change that. Your podcasts give me something human to listen to rather than reading and blogging all the time.

Please keep it up!!



Anonymous said...

Thank you Rev Troy. I live north of San Francisco and there are no Gnostics here that I know of, and so, you podcasts are mana from heaven. Thank you for your work:)